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online shopping or creative DIY decoration ideas can beautify the walls of the house

Decorating the wall of an empty house can be a challenge in itself.

Even if we only buy it in an online store.

But wait, we can do it ourselves with DIY decorations or mix and match the things we have in beautiful wall decorations, you know.

This decoration, of course, has its own characteristics and will not be found anywhere else because we make it ourselves according to our wishes.

You can install it on the wall of the house so that it is not empty, starting with wickerwork, picture or picture frames, hangers, shelves or other works of art.

Here are ideas that you can apply to beautify the empty walls in your Home DIY service.

1. dream catcher

This dream catcher pendant is perfect for those who like minimalist and simple designs, not too simple but beautiful when mounted on any wall.

This white thread made with the macramé technique gives it a unique handmade touch, you can try this style with something more colorful.

2. Dried flower frame

Creative ideas by drying flowers and pasting them in a transparent frame will make your blank wall look more luxurious and attractive.

This botanical art can be easily done at home by drying a variety of your favorite flowers.

3. Colorful yarn

Giving bright colors and soft textures with colored threads on the walls gives the room a cheerful and fun feel.

You can easily create your own by combining several contrasting or harmonious color variants.

4. Lego display rack

Do you have an unused Lego set? Don’t throw it away, get creative and make cute art using the display rack.

This DIY display shelf provides a fun focal point on a miniature bathtub wall.

5. Painted circular planks

You can paint a large circle on the wall and then add shelves in a vertical arrangement to add dimension and interest to the floating shelves.

Then place mini sized items like miniatures, photos, boxes or vases to add interesting colors and patterns.