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How to Leave a First Look Impression in the Office

Everyone wants to be important in the office. We do everything we can to show ourselves in the best possible light. When we appear in the office in front of other people for the first time, we want to leave an impression and make them loves us.

It’s not easy to make this possible. We need to pull off some tricks that will make this happen. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of them that not too many people know. Here are the most important ones that will help you achieve what you’re trying to do for the first time in a new office.

1. Wear glasses

People are used to seeing those with glasses as smart and competent. It’s a common conception that put people with glasses in a better place. If you want to make people see you as valuable, you should get some of the popular brands, like the Calvin Klein glasses, or some of the other ones, and be sure that you’re putting people in their place.

2. Always suit up

If you don’t have a suit, others will always see you like you’re dressed improperly. Forget about those stories claiming that Steve Jobs never wore one. You and 99.9% of people are not him, so you better suit up. It will help you become more important in the eyes of the coworkers and the business partners you’re trying to reach deals with.

3. Wear an expensive watch

It’s no secret that expensive jewelry and accessories are drawing attention and painting a picture to people who only see what they want to see. An expensive watch is going to make everyone think that you’re highly successful. If you can afford that watch, it means you’re doing a great job and you can be trusted. Cool stuff, right?

4. Dominate with your presence

All of the written above will fall into the water if you can’t do the most important part – and that’s dominating with your persona. You have the most expensive watch, the best glasses in the world, and wear the perfect suit, but if you do not know the business, then everything falls apart.

We’ve seen in the movies how people scam and convince others that they are smart when they are not, but be sure that this is not going to be the case in most situations. If you can’t dominate with words, actions, and ideas, be sure that you’ll do nothing. See more about this here.


These few points are telling you exactly how to achieve the first expression to your new boss, new coworkers, or business partners. The most important features are perfect chosen glasses, watch, and suit.

However, if you can’t dominate with your overall presence, say the right words and know your deal, then you can’t leave the impression you want. To achieve the entire image, you must have all four. Make sure you spend time learning and preparing before anything else.